Dropshare – Upload Anything Anywhere for macOS

Dropshare is a file sharing app. It will take any file, text, screen shot or screen recording – upload it – and provide you with a link to share.

Living in your menu bar, always at your fingertips, Dropshare runs in the background until you need it. Once (or even before) an upload has finished, you will have a link to access the file in your clipboard, ready to share it in an email, instant message or online forum.

Uploads can be started via drag&drop, keyboard shortcuts, a Share menu and many other ways from almost any app.

No matter whether you prefer cloud storage, file storage or classic file transfer protocols: Dropshare has you covered.

The app supports a majority of available storage providers and services. You can set up different upload targets within the app and choose for each upload where it should go, e.g. for personal or professional files. Files are uploaded directly to the selected storage provider with no intermediary for maximum speed and security.

…and all S3 API-compliant services like DreamObjects, Cloudflare R2 etc.


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