(Tool) Frija – Samsung firmware downloader/checker

Hey Guys

Frija is a new tool (successor of now depreciated tool SamFirm) which allows users to download latest firmware for their device which can be flashed with Odin.

Frija can download Firmware for any Samsung Devices at High Speed.

Auto mode detects any Samsung Phone Model and CSC and finds all the required information directly from Samsung Server.

Frija downloads firmware directly from Samsung FUS (Firmware Update Server) without any third party websites being involved. It can pause/resume firmware downloads, even after network interruption, or app restart (if download was interrupted).

Frija comes with built in Support form, through which you can reach out to developer about any issues or bugs. Frija has built in App Updater, whenever new release of Frija is available users will be able to update to latest version of the app.

Frija does not have any Background or Startup services, which some users might be concerned about.

It also comes with Night theme, for those who prefer Night Mode on the app

Fun fact about Frija: Frija is named after wife of Odin who can see future (In Norse Mythology) can download latest firmwares which can be flashed using Odin which uses Heimdall (A protocol that connects to a mobile device over USB) and Loke (low-level software running on the device). It kinda added a missing piece to the naming convention Samsung has.

This tool was created by wssyncmldm with contribution from CrazyApe and eragon5779. Devs receive all the support message directly and they are actively working on the app to fix any bugs or issue.


You can find the download for Frija here.

It requires .NET Framework 3.5 (Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) and Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) installed).

If you run it via command line, you can use it to just decrypt .zip.enc2 and .zip.enc4 files.



- Improved firmware search.
- Fixed issue where firmware was not available for valid Device and CSC.
- Updated some message strings displayed to user


- Fixed decryption issue of enc2 type encrypted firmware
- Auto updater finally fixed, will not require downloading update manually after this update


- Added error message if Microsoft Redist packages are missing
- New Settings option
- Removed support message feature and added new Issue Tracker URL
- Overall UI improvement
- Added setting to disable CRC check


- Improved Firmware search method
- Added support for Dual Sim model
- Added Frija sage number in About Page
- Load Samsung dll libraries in efficient way
- Fixed sub text for on/off in Settings Page


- Fixed firmware lookup and download issue


- Fixed an issue where if firmware paused and resumed after downloading more than 1.9 GB failed to download complete firmware
- Added invite link to Frija Discord

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