SamFirm – Samsung firmware downloader & checker

Frija is a new tool (successor of now depreciated tool SamFirm) which allows users to download latest firmware for their device which can be flashed with Odin.

Hello guys

I have created a little tool to download and check latest Samsung firmwares since it seems CheckFUS is not working anymore.


You can use it for all Samsung devices, but I have only tested it on Galaxy Tab S. It requires .NET Framework 3.5 (Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) and Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) installed)

If you run it via command line, you can use it to just decrypt .zip.enc2 and .zip.enc4 files.


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5 years ago


What do you have to put into “phone” entry? Auto ROM failed after trying to flash hidden.img. Would like to try another version.


5 years ago

Hello Sir! Thank you for helping the community with their samsung firmware problems. You are highly appreciated. I hope you can help me too.
I followed your FRP unlock guide and came all the way to the last step of flashing original ROM on my SM-G920F (PHN). The ROM in your link doesnt work, so I used this SamFirm tool to download latest ROM for my region but it also fails after flashing hidden.img. I was gonna try another ROM version but I cant seem to download it manually even if I use PDA and CMS from sammobile. Maybe I am putting wrong entry into “phone” field? (s6)?
Thank you for your help.

5 years ago

Dear sir. Thank you for your great job in helping the community with their samsung software problems. I have purchased an FRP locked phone from a guy and now trying to unlock it using your method. I got to a last step and now I’m stuck. Could you please help.
Stock rom for S6 in your link doesnt work with Odin.
So I have downloaded latest FW for my SM-G920F PHN region with your samfirm tool but it also fails to flash completely:
after flashing hidden.img it gives FAIL
I would like to try to download another version of stock ROM with your software manually but it says invalid. I use PDA and CSC from sammobile. Not sure what to put in the “phone” field. S6 I suppose?

5 years ago

How can i know my Region for SM-G928F?