MathWorks MATLAB R2023b for macOS

MATLAB is a computational application in mathematics, allowing input and calculation of many types of numerical operations with rich databases. The software also helps simulate computation, experiment with many models in practice and engineering, and create user interfaces and links with computer programs written in many other programming languages.

Matlab creates a favorable environment with a full range of tools to assist users in entering expressions, mathematical formulas and performing calculations easily. This program has a full range of simple data types such as: integers, real numbers, characters, logic; strings of characters enclosed in single quotes or double quotes; type of matrix number sequence… The software will allow users to calculate numbers with matrices, graph functions or graph information, perform complex algorithms.

Matlab distinguishes lowercase letters when entering calculation data, adds assignment commands, allows declaring functions, implementing branching structures, repeating structures. MatLab allows manipulation with many types of syntax abbreviations to speed up programming, especially manipulation from the command prompt. The program also helps users create different types of graphs such as line charts, scoring charts, two-dimensional color layers, contour lines and curves, three-dimensional curves …

Main features of Matlab:

  • Support entering and calculating mathematical formulas
  • Rich integration of data types
  • Numerical calculation with matrix
  • Draw many complex graph styles
  • Experiment with many models in practice and engineering.


How to install & activate

Interrupt the network before installing.

Step 1: After downloading, double-click on the DMG file, then copy the InstallForMacOSX file and license folder to the Desktop, then right-click on InstallForMacOSX and select Open to install. (Might wait a bit longer)

Step 2: The step requires entering Email. Select Advanced Options and select I have a File installation Key as shown

Step 3: Click Next and enter the following key (Or whichever version has the key attached, use the key in the file)


Step 4: To request the LIC file, select the license.lic file (in the license folder outside the Desktop)

Step 5: Select Product step, click Select all to remove it all, then just select Matlab (or stick to other items if used), this step is not very important, you install it all, it will consume hard drive space

Step 6: Click Next and click Begin Install to wait a moment for the device to install.

Step 7: Open the file again in Step 1. Then open the file Matlab 2023 Patch

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3 months ago

installation key is not working!