Sublime Text 4 – Code editor for macOS

Sublime Text 4 is a simple, lightweight yet very powerful Code Editor that supports almost all current programming languages.

Following some of the great features that make Sublime Text stand out from other code editors:

  • Multiple cursors: Once you have discovered multiple cursors you won’t want to work without them anymore. As the name suggests they let you write or edit in multiple places in a document at the same time.
  • Vintage mode: Vim keyboard shortcuts will work just like in the original Vim editor. To use them, all you need to do is to enable vintage mode.
  • Lightning fast: This is the fastest code editor you will find right now.
  • Command pallet: A great feature that allows you to reach about all functions of the editor via the keyboard. You will hardly use your mouse and thus code more efficiently.
  • Plugin collection: A hugely active community creates plugins for almost any task in Sublime Text. This includes syntax highlighting and code snippets for a large number of languages, for example JаvaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, Python, LESS, XML and C++ to name just a few.
  • Package control: This add-on let’s you install plugins within seconds directly from the editor.



If error opening Terminal runs more of this command:

xattr -cr /Applications/Sublime\

You can use the free version here: Download – Sublime Text

Plugin for Sublime at here: Package Control – the Sublime Text package manager

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