UPDF – 5 Ways to Use This Ultimate By AI-Powered PDF Editor across all platforms

You are facing a huge pile of paperwork in the form of reports, contracts, and invoices that must be reviewed and edited in a short time. Frustrating, right? But don’t worry; we have the best solution for your efficient and paperless workflow!

Enter the world of UPDF, an AI-powered PDF editor about to take your PDF game to the next level. From annotating a report, editing an invoice, or interacting with your PDFs, UPDF is your trusty sidekick in each department!

And the best part? UPDF is offering an incredibly exclusive discount on UPDF Pro with AI. It is the best time to get UPDF for Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS at an unbeatable price.

Now, let’s dive in and find out how UPDF can upcharge your PDF handling!

5 Ways to Use This Ultimate AI-Powered PDF Editor

Alright, folks! If you are wondering what is so special about UPDF, we are about to take you on a ride to explore this AI-powered PDF editor!


Imagine you have a bunch of documents that need to be reviewed and edited for team collaboration. What will you do? Print and scribble notes on the margins of the printed document. Absolutely not!

UPDF offers a digital way for seamless collaborations with its intuitive set of PDF handling tools. From editing, annotating, organizing, converting, and even interacting with PDFs for better understanding, UPDF does it all.

And it does not stop there! Let’s dive into its treasure trove of features and find out what other nifty tricks it has up its sleeve!

1/ Learn and understand better with UPDF AI.

When it comes to the AI integration, there is not PDF editor to match UPDF. UPDF AI is your trusty assistant for building full command of your PDFs. Need to summarize lengthy PDF with complex charts and foreign languages? No worries! UPDF will summarize, explain, translate, and answer all your queries in a snap!

UPDF AI to interact and understand PDFs

2/ A productive way to edit your PDFs

Are you wondering how to add text to a PDF and edit all its elements to your liking? We totally get it! There are not many PDF editors in the market with full-fledged PDF editing features across all platforms. But UPDF takes the crown for this!

Edit text, images, and links or add headers, footers, and backgrounds all in one place. But that is not all; UPDF lets you add watermarks on your PDFs for copyrights!

Edit PDFs with UPDF

3/ Collaborate better with PDF annotation.

How to annotate PDFs for feedback and how to share these for better collaboration? If you have these questions in mind, UPDF is your one-stop solution! Its full suite of annotating features lets you make any part of the PDF prominent with highlights, shapes, stamps, and 100 stickers!

You can also add new comments or reply to previous ones for better collaboration. Speaking of which, UPDF lets you share PDFs via email or links after uploading them to UPDF Cloud.

Annotate PDFs with UPDF

4/ Handle your PDF across all platforms!

Say goodbye to spending on multiple licenses for different devices because UPDF lets you use one license for up to 4 devices at the same time! This includes two desktop devices and two phones.

And what adds the cherry on top is the ability to access your edited PDFs across all devices through UPDF Cloud!. No more limiting work to one device when UPDF lets you handle those pesky documents on the go!

UPDF is available across all platforms

5/ Convert scanned PDFs with AI-powered OCR

Are you stressing over a pile of scanned PDFs that need immediate editing? Well, wave those worries goodbye! UPDF’s AI-powered OCR makes it a breeze to convert those stubborn documents to editable and searchable PDFs from over 38 languages.

Plus, you can convert PDFs to your desired layouts. From a text and picture-only layer to adding text over or under the page image, UPDF covers it all. By choosing text under the page image, you can ensure your PDF is impossible to tamper with!

OCR tool to convert scanned PDFs to searchable PDFs

So there you have it, folks! UPDF really sets the standard for efficient management of all elements of your PDFs. So, if you are looking for a one-stop solution to tackle your PDFs, UPDF is a must-try. Plus, UPDF Pro with AI is now available at an amazing discount so that you can handle your PDF tasks at an unbeatable price!

Why UPDF is a better investment than Adobe Acrobat

When it comes to editing PDFs, there is no way to mention their inventor, Adobe. And while Adobe Acrobat offers some great features, it comes nowhere close to the prime AI-powered features of UPDF. Let’s find out what makes UPDF stand out compared to Adobe Acrobat.

  • Pricing: Adobe Acrobat costs 12% more than UPDF with a hefty $155.88/year compared to the budget-friendly $29.99/year of UPDF! Plus, UPDF offers a perpetual plan of $47.99, which Adobe Acrobat lacks!
  • Compatibility: Adobe Acrobat is only available for Windows users for the price mentioned earlier. If you are a Mac, iOS, or Android user, get ready to invest an extra dose of money to enjoy its full features. However, UPDF is equally available across all platforms.
  • AI-powered PDF handling: UPDF takes the crown for its reliable AI assistance for better command over your PDFs. However, Adobe Acrobat lacks an AI integration to summarize, explain, translate, or chat with PDFs.
  • OCR Technology: Adobe Acrobat only lets you use OCR at a hefty price of $239.88/year, while UPDF OCR is available for the same price on all platforms!
  • Slideshow Display: UPDF lets you use its slideshow display mode for a smoother PDF reading experience. However, Adobe Acrobat lacks this important feature for enhanced readability.
  • Advanced PDF editing: UPDF lets its users edit PDF forms, add rich text with simple drag and drop, and annotate with 100+ stickers. Adobe Acrobat lacks all of these key features for a more convenient handling of PDFs.
  • PDF Conversion Support: While both Adobe Acrobat and UPDF let you convert to and from various file formats. UPDF goes the extra mile by letting you convert PDF to CSV, BMP, and GIF file formats, all of which are lacking in Adobe Acrobat.

In this PDF showdown, UPDF stands tall against Adobe Acrobat for its unbeatable price, AI assistance, and advanced features for PDF management. Plus, UPDF offers a more refreshing user experience with its modern and minimalistic UI design.


No more spending hours printing, rewriting, and scribbling notes for collaborative work. UPDF is the industry-leading digital way to edit, annotate, convert, organize, and interact with AI assistance.

Download UPDF now or upgrade to UPDF Pro to enjoy all of its top-grade features at an incredibly low price. And guess what? UPDF Pro, with its AI add-on, is available for a limited time at an exclusive discount! Now is a better time than ever to supercharge your PDF game at an unbeatable price.

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