XMind 2024 – Ideas grow on trees for Mac

The full-featured mind mapping and brainstorming app. Like a Swiss Army Knife, Xmind ® offers a complete toolset for thinking and creativity.

Mind maps are useful in building large projects, organizing tasks for a group of people or simply and helping users complete a specific task well.

With XMind, users can create mind maps, from sketch form, or use the forms and themes available in the program. XMind contains many components for users to customize the map and represent the entire concept in the most effective way. The package also supports photos, notes, files and even hyperlinks…


How to install

If you open up an error message, run this command

xattr -cr /Applications/

The latest version at the first time on the screen asking to enter user/password, click Skip to skip

During use, using the features of the Pro version, there will be a popup asking for upgrade, you enter any mail and password, will report Upgrade Successfull

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