(Collection) stock rom / firmware for all Mobiistar devices

(Collection) stock rom / firmware for all Mobiistar devices


I. Mobiitar Prime

  1. Mobiitar Prime Xense:
    vA3.P5: Mobiistar_PRIME_XENSE_21.zip (498M)
    vA3.P2: Mobiistar_PRIME_XENSE.zip (486M)
  2. Mobiitar Prime X:
    v12.1: Mobiistar-PRIME_X_20150518_V12_1.zip (652M)
    Lollipop: Mobiistar-PRIME_X-Lollipop-V02.rar (537M)
  3. Mobiitar Prime X Plus:
    Mobiistar-PRIME-X-Plus-16.zip (750M)
  4. Mobiistar Prime 508 Lite: 
    MOBIISTAR_PRIME_508_Lite_O2_V0.2.2.1_S1104.rar (601M)

II. Mobiistar KAI

  1. Mobiistar KAT 402c:
    Mobiistar_KAT_402c_Flashtool.rar (1,1G)
  2. Mobiistar KAT 452:
    Mobiistar_KAT_452_v06.Flashtool.zip (565M)

III. Mobiistar Touch LAI

  1. Mobiitar LAI 504c
    8G_Mobiistar_LAI_504c_V013.rar (573M)
    4G_Mobiistar_Lai_504c_V13.rar (573M)
  2. Mobiitar LAI 504m
    Mobiistar-LAI_504m_KITKAT_OFFICIAL_V14.rar (409M)
  3. Mobiitar LAI Yuki
    Mobiistar_LAI_Yuki_v2.05.zip (714M)
  4. Mobiitar LAI Yuna
    Mobistar_LAI_Yuna_V008_29032016_PAC.rar (563M)
  5. Mobiitar LAI Yuna C
    Mobiistar_LAI_Yuna_C_V1.9.rar (1,6G)
  6. Mobiitar LAI Zena
    Mobiistar_LAI_Zena_V11_PAC.7z (305M)
  7. Mobiitar LAI Zoro
    Mobiistar_LAI_Zoro_V08_150921_Tool+PAC.rar (360M)
  8. Mobiitar LAI Zoro 2
    mobiistar_LAI_ZORO_2_v2.07.rar (760M)
    Mobiistar_LAI_ZORO_2_MT6580_v2.06_06202016.rar (760M)
  9. Mobiitar LAI Zumbo
    Mobiistar_LAI_Zumbo_162_V1.8_PAC.rar (529M)
    Bản ROM 1GMobistar_LAI_Zumbo_1GB_PAC.rar (1,5G)
  10. Mobiitar LAI Y
    Mobiistar_LAI_Y_4807N5V2_MB3_V004_Flashtool.rar (627M)
  11. Mobiitar LAI Z
    obiistar_Lai_Z_V14_20150916_PAC.zip (320M)
  12. Mobiitar LAI Z1
    MOBISTAR_LAI_Z1_V2.11_20170406.rar (502M) | AFH | OneDrive | GDrive2
    Mobiistar_LAI_Z1_V2.06_20160528_Flashtool.rar (510M)
  13. Mobiistar LAI Z1 4G
    MT6737M_EMMC_Mobiistar_LAI_Z1_4G_7_0_alps-mp-n0_mp1-V1_0_2_vs6737m_35_n_P50(2018_12_22_07_11).rar (1.0G) | OneDrive | MaxSpeed
  14. Mobiitar Touch LAI 502
    Mobiistar_Touch_LAI_502_V06G_MT6577_V1.3@2013-01-08_17-36.rar (386M)
  15. Mobiitar Touch LAI 502HD
    Mobiistar_Touch_Lai_502HD_V0007_Flashtool.rar (394M)
  16. Mobiitar Touch LAI 504
    Mobiistar_Touch_LAI_504_MS_89JB2_A_H1.00_V08.zip (406M)
  17. Mobiitar Touch LAI 504Q
    Mobiistar_Touch_LAI_504Q_S007_201401011_(Tool+HD).rar (552M)
  18. Mobiitar Touch LAI 512
    Mobiistar_Touch_LAI_512.v019_Flashtool.rar (405M)

IV. Mobiistar Touch Bean

  1. Mobiitar Bean 412c
    Mobiistar_BEAN_412c_MT6572.rar (317M)
  2. Mobiitar Bean 414
    Mobiistar_BEAN_414_MT6582_v009.rar (515M)
  3. Mobiitar Touch Bean 402M
    Mobiistar_TOUCH_BEAN_402M_MT6572_STOCK_ROM.rar (244M)
  4. Mobiitar Touch Bean 402S
    Mobiistar_TOUCH_BEAN_402s.v009_MT6572.rar (410M)
  5. Mobiitar Touch Bean 452c
    MT6572_mobiistar_touch_Bean_452c_4.2.2__ALPS.JB3.MP.V1.rar (422M) | OneDrive | MaxSpeed
    Mobiistar_TOUCH_BEAN_452c.v008_MT6572.rar (428M)
  6. Mobiistar Touch bean 452T
    Mobiistar_TOUCH_BEAN_452T_MT6572.rar (350M)
  7. Mobiistar Touch bean 451
    Mobiistar_TOUCH_BEAN_454_V4.3_MT6589.rar (617M)
  8. Mobiistar Touch BEAN 452
    MOBIISTAR_Touch_Bean_452_MTK6572_V11.rar (700M)
  9. Mobiistar Touch Bean 454
    Mobiistar_Touch_BEAN_454_V4.3(3G 2 SIM).rar (617M)
  10. Mobiistar BEAN 402c:
    – 1G: 1GB_MBS-BEAN_402c_STOCK_V009.rar (354M)
    – 512MB: 512MB_Mobiistar_bean_402c_v11.rar (354M)

V. Mobiistar Touch KEM

  1. Mobiistar Touch KEM 350
    Mobiistar_TOUCH_KEM_350_V13.7z (198M)
  2. Mobiistar Touch KEM 351
  3. Mobiistar Touch KEM 432
    Mobiistar_Touch_KEM_432_TW5_S3_STYLE.rar (278M)
  4. Mobiistar Touch KEM 432m
    Mobiistar_Touch_Kem_432m_V05K.rar (376M)
  5. Mobiistar Touch KEM 452 HDMI old (bản camera 8.0):
    Mobiistar_Touch_KEM_452_HDMI_V0018.rar (583M)
  6. Mobiistar Touch KEM 462
    Mobiistar_Touch_Kem_462_.ICS.V13.FWVGA.VI.8P32.COM.130116.rar (411M)
  7. Mobiistar Touch KEM 402
    MOBISTAR_Touch_Kem_402_V0016.rar (672M)

VI. Other model

  1. Mobiistar Kool Lite:
    Mobiistar_KOOL_Lite_V2.05_01162016_PAC.rar (461M)
  2. Mobiistar Kool
    Mobiistar_KOOL_V09_DL.zip (578M)
  3. Mobiistar Buddy
    N403_mobiistar_BUDDY_V1.11_20160318.rar (297M)
  4. Mobiistar E1


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