How to bypass FRP on all Samsung Android 10 (No Secure Folder / No Smart Switch)

Hi bros, this video is shared by the channel Mohammad Ali. As bros know, currently Samsung has blocked the installation of the app from outside, and in the past, I have re-shared how to use Secure Folder or Smart Switch. The way in this article will not use the previous 2 methods anymore, so it can be applied to some machines that have fixed 2 methods old.

If you follow the video, you need to prepare a BlueTooth headset to go inside and install the “Google Play Services Hidden Settings” app from the Galaxy Store. Or those who don’t have a BlueTooth headset can use Easy Samsung FRP Tools to open the Youtube app, then go to the web and click on the Open Galaxy Store line to open the Galaxy Store app. Left download the app and follow the after the video.

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3 years ago

IT DOESN’T work – there is NO “Google play services Hidden settings” in the store, there is only “Play services Hidden settings” – it also goes to settings and puts a PIN, but the SKIP button does not appear.