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Stock rom for Vivo NEX (PD1805F)

Stock rom for Vivo NEX (PD1805F) DOWNLOAD: OTA: PD1805F_EX_A_1.7.18-update-full.zip (2,9G) | MAX SPEED LINKFASTBOOT: PD1805F_EX_A_1.8.8_vivo_qcom_LA.UM.6.3.r4-00600_sdm845.rar (3,2G) | MAX SPEED LINK QFIL: PD1805F_EX_A_1.8.8_vivo_qcom_LA.UM.6.3.r4-00600_sdm845_split.rar (3,3G)...

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Stock rom for Vivo Y95 & Y91 (PD1818F)

Stock rom for Vivo Y95 & Y91 (PD1818F) DOWNLOAD: FASTBOOT: PD1818F_EX_A_1.9.5_vivo_qcom89xx.0_sdm439_fastboot.rar (3.5G) | OneDrive | MaxSpeed PD1818F_EX_A_1.9.3_vivo_qcom89xx.0_sdm439_fastboot.rar (3,5G) | MAX SPEED LINKPD1818F_EX_A_1.9.1_vivo_qcom89xx.0_sdm439_fastboot.rar (3,5G) | MAX...

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