Custom ROMs nonetheless have their position on Android telephones

Setting up tailor made ROMs on Android phones serves numerous reasons. ROMs could present far more options earlier mentioned and beyond the computer software your cellphone packs by default. Using a present ROM could be important if you are utilizing an growing old system with nominal or no computer software help. Or, you could just be longing for one thing distinctive.

Nevertheless, judging by our reader impression garnered by our latest poll, the majority of our viewers by no means cared or no extended care about any of these factors. See the final results below.

Do you use custom made ROMs on your Android machine?


This was a fiercely well known poll, attaining over 7,000 responses across our site and a good deal much more across Twitter and YouTube. All three platforms created some wildly different success, far too.

Let’s start out with our web site. Just beneath 35% of readers now use ROMs on their units. 39.1% confess that they “used to” but no longer. At last, marginally a lot more than a quarter of voters say they’ve by no means utilized custom made ROMs at all. Remarkably, this suggests that practically 3 in 4 Android Authority visitors have dallied with ROMs at some place.

On Twitter, we saw just shy of 5,000 votes. A a lot greater part of voters (38%) on this system have never experimented with ROMs, even though 16.6% are at this time functioning gadgets with them. This leaves just about 45% of voters who have deserted ROMs, possessing attempted them in the past.

At last, we come to YouTube. The greater part (46%) of our audience admits to never making an attempt customized ROMs at all. 40% have tried out them in the past, even though 14% at this time operate a custom ROM. This stems from about 16,000 votes.

In conclusion, it seems the extensive bulk of our audience applied to dabble with tailor made ROMs, but no lengthier because of to enhancements in application, trouble with Google’s new stability characteristics, or the common hassle. Just above one particular in five readers continue to use a customized ROM.

Your opinions

  • Varusal: Not any more simply because most apps, especially finance apps, will not work (many thanks to SafetyNet).
  • Boni M: I utilized to install custom made ROMs a lot in my more mature gadgets for just about 10 decades but currently I see no need for the exact same. Most OEM ROMs are customizable & android has matured in a whole lot of strategies.
  • SanBlarnoi: I use them largely since I want regular protection patches and a clean UI without having bloatware with the hardware of my option.
  • roaduardo: Used to be a flashaholic again in the working day. But bootloaders these days can be locked up fairly limited and then there is the monetary apps that will not do the job (for excellent purpose). Stability has become more crucial for me as I got more mature? I don’t want to dig into my phone’s software program guts like that anymore. It was a pleasurable hobby, even though.
  • Seela: I only use them once OEM dropped assist for my gadget.
  • Kean: I use custom made ROMs for gadgets which the OEM dropped their support for, it could increase the handy life of cell phone for many years, specifically if the device is formally supported by LineageOS.
  • Achyut Arjun: Custom ROMs are like a requirement for me, simply because I despise how OEMs choose for good to update the telephones, and also some tailor made ROMs offer a significantly cleaner and advert-totally free, inventory android expertise.
  • YT Solid: I really don’t root them for the reason that they look far too sophisticated, but I’m so in like with the OnePlus 8T I feel I will check out to root it to continue to keep OS updates.
  • Arun Udayakumar: Utilised custom ROMs on every single android phone that I’ve owned.

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