How to install Android 13 Beta on Lenovo P12 Pro

Important Notes

Please review the points below before proceeding with the registration process:

  • Android 13 developer preview builds are early Android OS releases and are intended for application developers only – they are not recommended for general use.
  • Although strenuously tested by our development team, the builds may display performance and/or stability issues in some instances.
  • Some applications downloaded from the Google Play Store may not be supported (either in full or partially) and may behave erratically.
  • Online support is limited and may not be available to help users who experience difficulties with flashing the device.
  • The Beta image is not the final version, and some features might be missing or not working well.

If you have any concerns on whether these builds are suitable for your use, we recommend you do not continue with developer preview registration and wait for the official market release.

Ready to get started?

Please double check P12 Pro device on your hand is WIFI version and purchased from the markets outside of China, as now the provided image only support the WIFI devices which are on sale outside of China. Wrong device usage will cause device bricked. Several ways to identify WIFI device:

  • Check the sales box.
  • The card slot in the left edge has only one holder for SD card.
  • Go to <System> in <Settings> on your device, the Model name in <About tablet> is “Lenovo TB-Q706F”.

Please remember that software flashing will result in the loss of user data, we recommend that you backup your personal data properly before a software flashing.

  •  1. Download SW flashing packages and install & configure your PC environment by following the instruction inside the package.
  •  2. Download and unzip 13 Beta1 image on your local drive, and then flash your device following the corresponding instruction in SW flashing packages.

Now your device should be ready. Please visit the 13 developer site for details on how to set up your environment in Android Studio.

SW limitation

To serve a stable system SW to support your development as quick as possible, some functions on P12 Pro official SW are tailored, please check the details below.

  • Fingerprint unlock is not supported.
  • Face Unlock is not supported.
  • TOF sensor related function is removed.
  • Stylus key function is not supported but basic function works.
  • Touchpad functions with two fingers are not supported.
  • Touchpad swipe up/down/left/right with 3 or 4 fingers are not supported.
  • Miracast function is not supported.
  • Screen output via cable (extended screen) can be supported when <force desktop mode> is turned on in developer menu.
  • Cast Via HDMI (extended screen) can be supported when <force desktop mode> is turned on in developer menu.
  • VPN is not tested and may not work properly.
  • WIDI is not supported.
  • Video play may face audio issue.
  • Settings may display abnormal sometimes, re-selecting or cleaning recent apps can make it work properly.

Key notes

  • Please manually connect keyboard to your device via bluetooth to display battery info of keyboard in Settings.
  • Please report issue/question via preload Feedback apk on your device if any. The more details you provided, the faster we can support you an effective suggestion.

Rollback to official release

We really hope you’ll continue with the Android developer preview of 13 and share your feedback, but if you’d prefer to return to the official release software, you can do so by requesting a rollback through this tool.


This tool currently only supports WIFI device which is on sale outside of China markets.

Advisory notice:

  • Please remember that rollback to an official market release will result in the loss of user data. We recommend that you periodically backup any important data such as contacts, call logs, pictures, videos, music, installed apps, chat history, SMS history, notes, etc. You may also need to re-install any applications previously downloaded.
  • Ideally, your device should be fully charged, but a minimum of 60% charge is recommended.
  • Please note you will not be able use the device – including any attempts to make an emergency call – until the installation is complete and the device has booted into a stable state.
  • The tool currently only supports Windows OS.

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