Topaz Gigapixel AI – Upscale image without breakage

Gigapixel AI helps you do a single thing very well: increase image resolution in a natural way. This is pretty hard to do. Most upscaling algorithms don’t know how to accurately fill in missing pixels, so you end up with blocky low-quality results.

To solve this problem, Gigapixel AI’s neural networks are continuously trained on a wide variety of sample images to understand how photorealistic detail looks. After learning from millions of images, our AI image upscaler can now believably increase resolution on a wide variety of different subjects (portraits, wildlife, landscapes, architecture, etc) and image types (DSLR, web/compressed, CG). The results are often magical.


How to install & active

  • Topaz Gigapixel AI v6.3.3: This version is a little different but easy, running 1 file is done

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