Tuxera NTFS 2021 – Helps write data to NTFS partitions

Do everything with Windows drives on your Mac. Microsoft NTFS for Mac by Tuxera provides read-write support for NTFS-formatted USB drives – with rock-solid reliability compared to other NTFS for Mac alternatives.


Note: If not Mac Silicon M1 and macOS lower than Big Sur, you should install the 2019 version, if Mac Silicon M1 then install the latest version.

To install Tuxera NTFS on M1, you need to reduce the security to Reduced:

  1. On the Apple menu, select [Shut Down] to shut down your Mac.
  2. After shutting down the system, wait 10 seconds and then press and hold down the power button on your Mac.
  3. Click [Options], then click [Continue].
  1. Click [Utilities], then select [Startup Security Utility].
  1. Select the startup disk you wish to use from those displayed, then click [Security Policy].
  1. After selecting “Reduced Security,” select “Allow user management of kernel extensions from identified developers” and click [OK]. (We recommend making a note of the settings before making changes so that you can restore the previous security policy after you finish using the app.)
  1. Enter the administrator name and password, then click [OK].
  1. When setting of the security policy is complete, the following window is displayed.
  1. On the Apple menu, select [Restart] to restart your Mac.
  1. After restart, return to the original page and continue operation.

To remove Tuxera, you cannot use Cleanmymac or similar software to remove applications, but do the following:

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