Adobe Premiere Pro 2024 – Free download for macOS

Adobe Premiere Pro 2024, the latest version of Adobe’s industry-leading video editing software, was released on October, 2023. This version brings a number of new features and enhancements that make it easier to create stunning and professional videos.

Here are some of the new features and enhancements in Adobe Premiere Pro 2024:

  • New AI-powered features: Adobe Premiere Pro 2024 includes a number of new AI-powered features that make it easier to edit videos. These features include:
    • Auto Reframe: This feature automatically reframes videos to fit different aspect ratios, making it easier to create videos for social media and other platforms.
    • Auto Color: This feature automatically adjusts the color of videos, making it easier to create videos with a consistent look and feel.
    • Auto Sound: This feature automatically balances the audio in videos, making it easier to create videos with clear and concise audio.
  • New collaboration features: Adobe Premiere Pro 2024 includes a number of new collaboration features that make it easier to work with others on video projects. These features include:
    • Shared Projects: This feature allows multiple users to collaborate on the same video project in real time.
    • Comments: This feature allows users to leave comments on video clips, making it easier to communicate feedback.
    • Reviewer Track: This feature allows users to create a separate track for reviewer comments, making it easier to track feedback.
  • New performance enhancements: Adobe Premiere Pro 2024 has been significantly improved in performance, making it faster to edit and render videos.

In addition to the new features and enhancements mentioned above, Adobe Premiere Pro 2024 also includes a number of other notable improvements, including:

  • New keyboard shortcuts: Adobe Premiere Pro 2024 includes a number of new keyboard shortcuts, making it easier to quickly access frequently used tools and commands.
  • Improved search functionality: Adobe Premiere Pro 2024 has improved search functionality, making it easier to find the tools and commands you need.
  • New accessibility features: Adobe Premiere Pro 2024 has been updated with a number of accessibility features, making it easier for users with disabilities to use the software.

Adobe Premiere Pro 2024 is a significant upgrade over previous versions. The new features and enhancements make it easier to create stunning and professional videos, regardless of the user’s skill level or needs.


How to install & activate

Step 1: Install AntiCC 5.9

Step 2: Drag the Install file into Application

Then open terminal and run the following command:

xattr -cr /Applications/

Step 3: Go to Application > Right click on the Install file, select Open > Select Install to install as usual.

Step 4 (Important): After installation, do not run P4tch but open Premiere Pro 2024. A Login screen will appear like this:

Select Login with Google (or Apple, Facebook whatever). It’s okay to use an expired account. After logging in, it will display the “Let’s get you…” screen, then close the application.

The login account should have a Location of US. To be sure, you go to and register a new account, while registering note the following: 
- Country/Region: United States
- Date of birthday: >18 years

Step 5: run the P4tch file and you’re done. To avoid affecting other software, while installing note these 2 places

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18 days ago

Thanks dear Brother, I have installed. and its working fine but i have a question when i click library it says intsall creative cloud app if you want to use libraries GET IT NOW!

So my question is what should i do? i can install or not?

1 month ago

Can I get the language pack for auto transcription and text based Editing.

1 month ago

Error code 133 on my Mac (Intel). I have 11Gb free space. Does anyone know how to fix it?

itek png
itek png
1 month ago

The download keeps failing for 4 times now, I have used the first link (Google Drive).