Download macOS Ventura DMG File for Clean Installation (macOS 13)

In this article, we will share the direct links to Download macOS Ventura DMG File for Clean Installation. (Current Version: 22A5321d)

Apple introduced macOS 13 Ventura at the WWDC conference.

The Stage Manager function has been added to the system. It moves inactive windows to the side, leaving only the active application on the desktop. In some ways, this is similar to the Dock, but only for windows.

The system automatically groups windows by application, but users can create their own groups.

Stage Manager works in conjunction with Mission Control and Spaces.

For details, please refer to Apple’s website:

Compatible devices for macOS Ventura

Unlike macOS Monterey, which supported many Mac computers, Apple shortened this list. For example, everyone’s favorite Mac Pro in the form of a trash can will not support macOS 13 Ventura. Here’s a complete list of compatible Macs:

  • 2017 iMac and later
  • 2017 iMac Pro and later
  • MacBook Air 2018 and later
  • MacBook Pro 2017 and later
  • Mac Pro 2019 and later
  • Mac mini and later 2018 models


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