How to help you save a transcript in the Google Translate application on Android

Not everybody is perfectly-versed in numerous languages. Many thanks to modern technological know-how, we can prevail over language barriers with a simple Android app on your cell phone. The Google Translate app is tremendous user-pleasant and interprets a variety of mediums this kind of as textual content, pics, and audio. For instance, you can conserve your translated audio transcripts in the Google Translate app. Here’s how you can keep these transcripts inside of the app on your Android cellular phone.

How to save a transcript in the Google Translate application on Android

1. Open up Google Translate on your Android cellphone.

2. Faucet Transcribe to translate the audio.

3. At the time the audio has been translated and transcribed, tap the star on the higher right corner.

4. Type the title you want to help save your transcript below.

5. Tap Save.

6. To find your saved file, faucet the three traces on the higher remaining corner of the app.

7. Search for the Saved transcripts selection and faucet it to discover your saves.

At the time you’ve finished the very last step, you can access your saved transcript file in the Google Translate application when you want. Content translating!

Boost your linguistic abilities

Google Translate can be a wonderful way to remedy conversation troubles between multinational men and women. You can snap images of road indications when overseas and translate them, fully grasp guidelines composed in a language you cannot read, or have a comprehensive-blown conversation with a particular person who won’t even discuss the same tongue as you. If you have a pair of Pixel Buds, finding actual-time translations on the Google Translate application is even much easier.

Many periods, you could translate content material that you require to refer again to later. For occasion, if you go on vacation, you’d want to recall sure phrases or pieces of data anyone gave you. In those people situations, you really should choose full edge of the Google Translate app’s functionality to save transcripts to your Android phone.

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