How to unbrick / flash stock / change region for Realme GT 5G

Note: OTA still works after switching regions

Note: You may lock bootloader after switching regions.

If you want to unbrick or flash stock, you must download the package corresponding to your device.

If you want to change the region download the package for the region you want to change to

1. Download the .zip package and extract the .ofp file

  • India
  • Europe
    • Realme UI 3.0 Android 12 C.05 : Download
  • China

2. Download and Install OppoRealme-OFP-Flash Tool: Here

3. Place the extracted .ofp file in the same folder as the program.

4. Run flash.py

If you use windows run the file by double clicking. (if you python is not selected for .py files you need to select)

you can use terminal/cmd to run also like this: python3 flash.py or python flash.py

5. When running if you have placed only one .ofp file in the folder it will automatically select it.

6. Choose the region you want to install, if you don’t know you can search on google country code, or go in automatic mode by adb (if your cell phone isn’t bricked).

7. Then it will ask if you want to keep some partitions (if you’re doing it for bootloader lock you can’t keep any).

8. Accept the terms and then plug the device into fastboot mode.

9. Done!

Note: after this process if you want to lock the bootloader, restart again in fastboot mode and type the command "fastboot flashing lock"

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