Mystery Google product passes via FCC


  • A mysterious Google products just passed via the FCC.
  • The listing labels it as a “wireless streaming product.” Could it be a new Chromecast or Stadia products?
  • It certainly isn’t a smartphone, but your guess is as excellent as ours at the second.
  • The most apparent probability is a new Chromecast. The Chromecast with Google Television set introduced close to this time final year, so it is doable a sequel or slight alteration to that product is on the way. Even so, the model quantity of this secret Google solution — GJQ9T — does not bear any resemblance to any present Chromecast.

    It is also probable this is a new Stadia product. It’s possible it is a non-Chromecast gadget that is strictly for Stadia use? It’s possible it will appear bundled with Stadia controllers in its place of a Chromecast Extremely or Chromecast with Google Tv? It is definitely probable.

    This could also be a Nest-branded gadget. Even so, that seems the least likely possibility due to the fact Google just declared a full slew of Nest merchandise, so it wouldn’t probable have yet another a person on the docket so soon.

    Check out out the FCC listing related to the mysterious Google solution for you and allow us know your theories in the feedback!

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