Parallels Toolbox – The utility bundled with Parallels Desktop

Parallels Toolbox is a collection of convenient, easy-to-use, lightweight applications, or tools, to help you focus, get things done, and stay secure. It provides quick access to many common functions that are either hidden, require hard-to-remember keyboard shortcuts, or are just not available.

With Parallels Toolbox, you can:

  • Take screenshots or record video of any part of your screen, any window, or your full screen
  • Prevent your computer from going to sleep so you can be sure an important task won’t be
  • Quickly disable distracting notifications so you can focus on the task at hand
  • Simultaneously eject all volumes and removable media from your computer
  • Open several predetermined documents, folders and applications at once
  • Hide all the items on your desktop with one click, for clean presentations or screenshots
  • Record audio from your computer’s microphone, and record video or take pictures from your
    computer’s camera
  • Block your computer’s microphone or camera to prevent unauthorized recordings
  • Lock the screen with a single click to prevent access without a password
  • Easily download video from many popular Internet video sites
  • Convert video for playback on your iPhone or iPad, and transfer it to iTunes for easing syncing
  • Create archives from multiple files to save space or easily share. And you can password protect
    them for security.
  • Unpack archives encoded in various formats
  • Get more free space and optimize your computer by deleting unnecessary files
  • Easily change the screen resolution
  • Minimize various distractions when showing a presentation
  • Resize images and convert them to a different format
  • Find and delete duplicate files
  • Set your computer to shut down or switch to sleep mode after a certain period of time


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