SketchUp Pro 2024 – 3D graphics software for MacOS

SketchUp Pro 2024 is the latest version of the manufacturer of Trimble Navigation software. This is a 3D drawing and design software commonly used by architects, makers, engineers, game developers all over the world. SketchUp Pro supports the design and construction of 3D models intuitively with high accuracy by simple operations through icons. The outstanding advantage of SketchUp compared to other software is that it is fast, easy to use, easy to learn.

A few outstanding features of SketchUp Pro.

  • No need for powerful hardware like other modeling software like 3D Max, FormZ, Maya.
  • The interface system with an intelligent graphic cursor allows users to render three-dimensional drawings in the two-dimensional space of the screen.
  • Faces are simply defined based on a closed domain.
  • Create simple blocks quickly with the “push-pull tool”)
  • Tools to edit blocks (extrude – widen) and create blocks according to the given birth line (follow me tool)
  • The ability allows simulating, correcting the angle of the sun at all times of the year as well as covering viewing angles for almost instantaneous effect.
  • Drawings are rendered at high speed based on a low-poly model, with a unique presentation style.
  • Ability to communicate extensively with other modeling software.
  • Can be combined with external renderers (Renderer) to produce better images (etc. IRender, Podium, Indigo, Kerkythea …)


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