Top 4 audio mods and FM radio for Xiaomi Mi A1

If you often use your Xiaomi device for listening to music, you surely want to listen a clear and rich sound. To increase the clarity and loudness of your Xiaomi device you can use custom created Audio Mods.

In this article, you can find the top 4 Audio MODs that are tested and are working on Xiaomi Mi A1 running Android Oreo. Additionally, if you are FM Radio lover, now you can enjoy your favorite FM stations with the FM Radio module for Oreo 8.1.

Top Audio Modification and Patches for Mi A1

MaxxAudio (Magisk)

This Audio Mod is created by RajeshJangid and has the following features.

  • 10 Band Equalizer
  • Maxx Volume
  • Maxx Treble
  • Maxx Bass

MaxxAudio Mod will work with all devices you connect on the 3.5 audio jack, as well as all Bluetooth device.

To download the Audio mod click the following link:

Dolby Atmos Port

Dolby Atmos Digital Signal Processor has a flexible custom recovery installation archive. It supports Magisk and SuperSU installations. It also supports existing audio mod installations. It fully supports Enforcing SELinux Mode.

Dolby Atmos contains the following features:

  • When listening on headphones, you get feeling as the sound moves all around you.
  • Creates a powerfully moving sound experience.
  • Increases the sound quality an clarity.
  • Adds an overhead dimension.

Guitardedhero is the developer who ported this Audio Mod for all Android devices running Oreo. If you are interested, you can download the mod here.

Pure Audio 2.0

Pure Audio is an amazing audio control mod designed especially to bring your phone into a brand new sound experience. Here are the main features of this mod.

  • System-level component that powerfully works on the output of your device
  • Smart Player (a trickster-like app for Pure Audio 2.0)
  • Beats extras libraries (updated to the latest one)
  • xLoud extras libraries (updated to the latest one)
  • Dolby Digital + (sound mode)
  • Compatible with other mod
  • Low battery consumption
  • Sound Enhancement
  • Headphone Selection
  • PureEQ (equalizer)

This awesome mod is created by the developer repey6. For more info and download links check the official XDA thread for Pure Audio 2.0.

SonyMusic MOD

SonyMusic Mod is another excellent sound mod that will increase your device’s audio quality and clarity. Here are the features that this mode includes.

  • YouTube Karaoke Plugin
  • Sony libs and framework
  • Headphone Selection
  • Google Lyrics Plugin
  • Sound Enhancement
  • Wikipedia Plugin
  • YouTube Plugin
  • Semc Music

This mod is another great work done by the developer ropey6. For more info about SoundMusic Mod and download links, click here.

FM Radio Module (for Oreo 8.1)

Download: FM4MiA1(8.1stable).zip

This is an app that enables FM Radio on your Xiaomi device running Android Oreo 8.1.

Before installing it, keep in mind that this app disables signature verification and sets SELinux to permissive. This may be a potential security issue for some users. Additionally, this work works, and it is tested on a stock ROM for Xiaomi Mi A1 (Oreo 8.1).

For those of you who want to use FM Radio on your Android Oreo 8.1 devices, flash this module. If you do not want to have it always enabled, you can turn it on only when needed. However, each time you turn on, you will need to restart your phone.

For now, users have not reported for any bugs while using this module. You can download the module on the following link above.

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