Wing Python IDE Professional for macOS

Wing Python IDE was designed from the ground up for Python, for a more productive development experience.

  • Get More Done – Type less and let Wing worry about the details. Use AI to write & redesign your code. Work interactively in the live Python runtime. Easily navigate code and documentation.
  • Write Better Code – Avoid common errors and find problems early with assistance from Wing’s deep Python code analysis. Keep code clean with smart refactoring, code inspection, and reformatting.
  • Find Bugs Faster – Debug any Python code. Inspect debug data and try out bug fixes interactively without restarting your app. Work locally or on a remote host, VM, or container.

Wingware’s 24 years of Python IDE experience bring you a more Pythonic development environment. Wing was designed from the ground up for Python, written in Python, and is extensible with Python. So you can be more productive.


How to install

  1. Install the Python.pkg file first
  2. Drag Wing Pro to Application
  3. Open Wing Pro, select Accept > select Activate a purchased license and keep this screen without closing.
  4. Open the downloaded file again, drag the keygen8.pyc file to the Desktop > then right click, select Open With > Python Launcher (3.9.6). You will get License id as shown. (still keep this screen, don’t close it)
  1. Copy the License id above to the screen in step 3 and click Continue
  1. You will get the Request code as shown below
  1. Copy this Request Code and paste it into the Request code box in step 4 and press Enter. You will get the Activation code
  1. Copy this Activation Code and paste it

The screen says Successful as shown and it’s done

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