Adobe Media Encoder 2023 – free download for macOS

Adobe Media Encoder is a powerful tool used by professionals in the media and entertainment industry to encode, transcode, and optimize media files for various delivery platforms. With the release of Adobe Media Encoder 2023, users can expect a host of exciting new features that enhance their workflow and deliver exceptional results. In this article, we’ll delve into the standout features of Adobe Media Encoder 2023, highlighting why it’s a must-have tool for content creators.

  • Accelerated Encoding with GPU Optimization: Adobe Media Encoder 2023 leverages the power of GPU acceleration, resulting in significantly faster encoding times. With this optimization, you can now process your media files more efficiently, saving valuable time during production and delivery. Whether you’re working on high-resolution videos or batch encoding multiple files, this feature ensures swift and seamless operations.
  • Streamlined Proxy Workflow: Creating and managing proxies is now more streamlined with Adobe Media Encoder 2023. The improved proxy workflow allows for seamless integration with Adobe Premiere Pro, enabling smoother editing experiences, even with high-resolution and resource-intensive footage. This enhancement is particularly valuable for collaborative projects or situations where system resources are limited.
  • Dolby Vision HDR Support: Delivering high-quality HDR content is now easier than ever with Adobe Media Encoder 2023’s support for Dolby Vision. This advanced HDR format enhances the visual experience by preserving details in both the dark and bright areas of the image, resulting in stunningly lifelike visuals. With Dolby Vision support, you can ensure your content looks its best on HDR-enabled displays.
  • Enhanced Format and Codec Support: Adobe Media Encoder 2023 expands its range of supported formats and codecs, giving you greater flexibility in handling various media files. Whether you’re working with industry-standard formats like ProRes or newer codecs like AV1, Adobe Media Encoder has you covered. This comprehensive format support simplifies your workflow and ensures compatibility across different platforms and devices.
  • Improved Timecode Support: Maintaining accurate timecodes is crucial in post-production workflows, and Adobe Media Encoder 2023 enhances this aspect with improved timecode support. You can now import and export timecodes more seamlessly, ensuring synchronization and consistency throughout your projects.
  • User-Friendly Interface and Presets: Adobe Media Encoder 2023 introduces a user-friendly interface that makes navigating the application more intuitive. Additionally, it offers a wide range of presets for various output formats, making it easier to optimize your media files for specific platforms or devices. These presets serve as a valuable starting point and save you time by eliminating the need for manual configuration.

Adobe Media Encoder 2023 empowers content creators with its accelerated encoding, streamlined proxy workflow, Dolby Vision HDR support, expanded format compatibility, improved timecode support, and user-friendly interface. With these exceptional features, you can optimize your media files efficiently and deliver stunning content across multiple platforms. Upgrade to Adobe Media Encoder 2023 and take your media encoding and optimization to new heights.


How to install & activate

(For v23.6)

(1). To be 100% sure of success, you should download the Creative Cloud Cleaner tool, then select Clean all (lose all Adobe apps installed). Anyone who has installed Adobe in another version or in another way, elsewhere, has a success rate of about 50%.
(2). You need to Disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) to work, otherwise after Patch will crash.

Step 1: Download the installation file

Step 2: run the Adobe ACC Runtime file.

Step 3: Right-click on the Install file and select Open

If it says Damaged, go to Install > select Show Package Contents > Contents > MacOS > run the Install file to install

Step 4: The installation interface appears, enter the device login password, install as usual

Step 5: (Important) After installation, do not run the P4tch file but open Media Encoder, will ask for login with a Adobe account, you can login with Gmail, then show the purchase panel like this, then close.

If you open the Damaged... error message, then go to Application > Adobe Media Encoder 2023 > Adobe Media Encoder 2023 > right-click select Open to open it

Step 6: At this step, just run the P4tch file and you’re done. To avoid affecting other software, while installing note these 2 places

The login account should have a Location of US. To be sure, you go to and register a new account, while registering note the following: 
- Country/Region: United States
- Date of birthday: >18 years

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Md Nazmul
Md Nazmul
1 month ago

After installing the patch media encoder crashing on starting

29 days ago
Reply to  Duy Nguyen

Media Encoder still crushes when starting even if I tried the solution you mentioned. Any help, please?

Md Nazmul
Md Nazmul
1 month ago

Media encoder crush when starting up