Parallels Desktop 19 – Install Windows on Mac

Parallels Desktop 19 for Mac – Power up your Mac to run Windows on a virtual desktop, plus get access to more than 200,000 of its apps to work, develop, study, test, and play. Authorized by Microsoft.

Parallels Desktop 19 is optimized for macOS Sonoma, offering enhanced printing options through the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP). This optimization provides a more immersive experience when running macOS virtual machines on Mac computers with Apple silicon, including improved shared printing on those devices.

With Parallels Desktop, you can effortlessly set up your system; there’s no need to source a Windows image or grapple with installation and configuration. It’s simplicity at its finest.

Use your Mac camera, microphone, trackpad, sound, display, keyboard, and mouse with Windows. Enable USB Windows-only devices like printers and scanners; connect your Android phone and many other devices.


How to install & activate

This version should only be installed on macOS Ventura or later. If macOS is lower, Parallels Desktop 18.1.1 should be installed.

Step 1: Run the Install file to install it as usual. After the installation is complete, meet the Install Windows screen, select Install Windows to install it

Step 2: After showing Completed, click on the red circle mark on the corner to exit, select Parallel Desktop again in Menubar, look up and select Quit

Step 3: Open Activation (DMG file) and copy to Application.

Step 4: Go to Application, open Parallels Desktop Activation Tool >> choose first option (xxx / Install)

Step 5: Here is basically done. To make sure, click the Parallel icon on the Menubar > Select Preferences > At Check for updates, choose “Never” and uncheck at “Download updates automatically

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2 months ago

Unfortunately this one didn’t work for me. Downloaded ParallelsDesktop 19.1.0-54729 Update.dmg (296M) and followed the process but ended up with a notification from Parallels regarding being unable to activate.

Tom Adward
Tom Adward
8 months ago

Thank you for clear detailed instruction of installation.