(EFI) ASUS S551LB macOS Monterey and Windows 11

Hello friends, I was able to install Montere without any problems because I had a little, if not much, experience with Hackintosh. I had previously installed Big Sur and Windows 11 in dualboot, when I installed Monterey on it, another efi partition did not open, so instead I put the OC and BOOT folders in the Windows efi and they both boot without any problems. As for the hardware, I only had to introduce the sound , video card and ethernet card

after the installation, and they all worked with the guides I linked successfully. Battery indicator trackpad was already working after installation . I didn’t mess with it as my wifi card is broken but it has kexts in it.

It is very good in performance and much better than Windows, especially in terms of battery. If you have an iPhone, messages are synced or something, which I think is very good, I think I will buy a wifi card. It will be compatible with hackintosh. I would appreciate it if you could suggest it

My current EFI: Monterey EFI.zip / OneDrive / MediaFire

- OpenCore
- Model: ASUS S551LB
- CPU: Intel Core i7 4500u
- GPU: NVIDIA GT740m & Intel HD Graphics 4400
- Network: RT8111
- RAM: 8GB 1600 Mhz DDR3
- SSD: 24/512GB SSD
- macOS: Monterey

Thank cihatsunker

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