iPhone 5 / 5C FAST iCLOUD BYPASS – Free & Untethered

Got an iCloud Locked iPhone 5 / 5C? Want to bypass fast and free? You came to the right place! This method shows you how to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock screen after a restore with Sliver 5.5 from appletech752.

This process REQUIRES MacOS High Sierra or Mojave!. NOT POSSIBLE on Windows/Linux!

This method is UNTETHERED. That means you can safely reboot, power off, or let your battery completely die, and when you power back on, no relocks!


Q: Can I use the SIM card after this method?
A: NO, the cellular bypass method ONLY supports iPhone 7-X.

Q: Can I download apps from the App Store?

Q: If I restore the device after the bypass, will iCloud come back?
A: Yes it will. This method does not affect Activation.
Visit to understand why.

Q: Why can’t I sideload H3lix jailbreak?
A: Because the device is bypassed, not activated. See my blog to learn more!

Q: Does this method also support the iPad 4?
A: Yes it does. Follow the same method, using the iPad 4 button in Sliver.

Q: Can I update to the latest iOS version?
A: No, because iOS 10.3.3/10.3.4 IS the latest version for the iPhone 5/5C.

Q: Will this method drain my battery faster than normal?
A: NO! This method does NOT drain your battery!

Q: Is this method any different than the manual SSH commands?
A: No, it’s the same thing, just much faster, easier, and user friendly.

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Source: Apple Tech 752

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