iPhone 6 iCloud Bypass – iOS 12.4.9

Stuck with Activation Lock on your iPhone 6? You came to the right place! Both methods in this video support the latest iOS version 12.4.9 for all iPhone 6 models.

Got a different device? Check out the Matrix at appletech752 on the web!

I show 2 different methods in the video. Both will allow you to remove the Activation Lock Screen on your iPhone 6:

Method #1: Sliver

  • Free, Fast and Easy!
  • No payment needed!
  • Supports MacOS High Sierra or Mojave

Method #2:

  • Untethered!
  • FaceTime / iMessage
  • Instant registration after payment
  • Supports all modern MacOS versions

Need help with your iPhone 5s? Stay tuned, I will be releasing a full tutorial for the 5s in just a few weeks!

Please do NOT ask about iPhone XR/XS/11/12 bypass, this is impossible because the checkm8 bootrom exploit does not support the chipsets that these models use.

Source: Apple Tech 752

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