CleanMyMac X v4.15.1 – Free download for macOS

The most user-friendly problem fixer for Mac. Delete system junk, unwanted apps and malware, and tune your Mac for maximum speed. For a slow computer, use immediately.

Clean up your Mac

  • The end of system junk: Tons of invisible cache files are finally done with. You can mass remove unused DMGs, incomplete downloads, and the rest of old baggage.
  • Sweep away large hidden files: Locate massive old files that were swept under the rug.
    Need to filter out just movies or months-old documents? No problem.
  • Space Lens: Your storage, visualized: This tool builds an interactive map of your entire drive. You can visually spot the largest space-wasters to quickly free up space on Mac.

Speed up your Mac

  • An army of maintenance tools: When your Mac stalls, free up its RAM memory in a click. Also, run Maintenance scripts to make your apps more responsive. Now, your MacBook is unstoppable.
  • Full-scale macOS optimization: Find and disable apps that cannibalize your memory resources. Switch off background plugins and fix small errors like an Apple genius.

Remove malware from Mac

  • It stops macOS-specific viruses: CleanMyMac X officially holds a “Gold” level of Mac virus detection. We give you a real-time shield against trojans, data miners, and recent browser hijackers.
  • Privacy: Rewrite your online history: Delete tracking cookies so advertisers cannot follow you across the web. Erase sensitive details like messenger chats and browser history.

Manage apps and extensions

  • Uninstall known and unknown apps: Mass delete unwanted apps, plugins, and extensions. You can find unused apps that have been left undetected for months. Did you know you could also reset an app?
  • Keep your apps forever young: Update all your apps in one sweep, including the macOS itself. Everything is refreshed, and you can see what’s been added in each update.


(macOS 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor)

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